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Anyes in front of a 12x8' custom canvas print triptych created for the Water Garden complex in Santa Monica

Anyes Galleani accepts commissions to create custom art and over the years has worked with a variety of clients providing custom images, prints & paintings for private and corporate spaces and commercial projects. Most recently, she has started creating NFTs so now she can also offer customized NFTs.
Anyes' background in commercial photography, video and design has given her the experience required to be able to work closely with clients, within budgets and timelines, making the creation of custom art a fun experience for everyone.

Examples of custom art include:
• Paintings, Portraits, Text-Base Art
• Prints
• NFTs
• Commercial Illustrations

For more information about the various types of custom art, please read below or contact the artist

Anyes offers large size prints and murals based on her existing images or on custom images. 


12x6' canvas print for corporate office DTLA

Kawada Snapshot 400

60x16' wall paper mural - Kawada Hotel DTLA

Custom art can be made using text supplied by clients. The text can be used as the main artwork subject or in conjunction with images.


Custom text-based art with text provided by client. Click HERE for more.


Custom art with images by Anyes and text provided by client. Click HERE for more.

Most of mAnyes' images can be used to create custom mixed media art.
Paintings based on images can be re-created if they have already sold or if a different size is desired.

Custom mixed media art created from one of Anyes' images

Simply Addiction Ma Living Room By Anyes Galleani

60x60" custom mixed media art based on a smaller painting that had already sold

Serenity Triptic

Custom mixed media art triptych based on Anyes' images

Custom art can be created using clients' photos.

Daniela Triptic Ice By Anyes Galleani

Custom portraits based on Anyes' photographs, printed on metal using the die sublimation process

Rick S Mom

40x60" mixed media portrait based on an image created using a yearbook picture

Custom celebrity portraits can be created using found photos.


Custom mixed media art based on Bowie's found photos and songs titles

Custom images can be created for commercial and editorial purposes utilizing photos from a variety of sources.


Custom image for TBT website.

For custom NFTs please click here


For more information about custom art or to place an order please contact the artist