Anyes Galleani accepts commissions to create custom art. This includes:

-Making a mixed media painting/collage similar to an existing one. If a painting you like has sold or you would prefer a different size, you may be able to order a similar one.

-Making a new mixed media painting/collage based on one of Anyes' images. Images available for creating custom art can be found in the Images section.

-Creating custom images including portraits, cityscapes and text base art. Once ready, images can be printed or used to make mixed media paintings/collages.

-Printing any of Anyes' images on a variety of substrates or in extra large sizes.

For more details or to order a custom piece please contact Anyes at 213-537-0759 or at

David Bowie His Song Titles By Anyes Galleani

"David Bowie & His Songs"
Commissioned mixed media art on wood panel 24x51", based on 3 photographs of Bowie combined with Anyes' design

Serenity Triptych 2 By Anyes Galleani
Serenity Triptych 1 By Anyes Galleani
Serenity Triptych 3 By Anyes Galleani

"Serenity Triptych"
Commissioned mixed media art on three 24x36" wood panels, based on Anyes' photographs.


A 40x60" original mixed media/collage (on the top) and the digital image it was created from (at the bottom). The degree by which the image is modified during the mixed media/collage process varies depending on several factors, including clients' preferences (for custom orders). The most obvious modifications have to do with textures, paint drips and color. This particular piece was printed both on silk and parchment, then the prints where collaged to create the worn-out effect.


After the 48x48" painting on the left sold, a gallery commissioned a second, similar piece in the same size and Anyes created the one on the right, which sold too. Since Anyes would only create up to 3 similar pieces from the same image, only one more can be custom ordered in that size or slightly smaller. The only exception Anyes would make to that rule would be to create one additional piece up to 24x24" in size if a small artist proof did not already exist.

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